Is reversing diabetes possible by just reducing sugar? Strange!

how to Stop insulin injection

Often I come across patients with Type 2 Diabetes, where initially their condition was controlled with medication. Still, eventually, they had to increase their medication to the point of needing insulin injections.

Why does this happen?

First, let’s understand what diabetes is. Diabetes is a chronic disease where there is an excess of sugar in the blood.

Imagine you have an empty bucket, and you fill it with tap water that is turned on too fast. The water quickly fills the bucket and starts overflowing. Would you slow down the tap or turn it off completely?

Of course, you would turn off the tap and use the water you already have.

What if you let the tap run slowly and use the water as it flows? The water you use would not be enough, and the bucket will continue to fill up and overflow eventually.

The same goes for diabetes.

The first mistake most people make is reducing their sugar intake without completely stopping sugar consumption. In other words, they are still adding sugar.

Reducing sugar intake is suitable for the adaptation process, but not for the recovery process. In other words, just reducing sugar alone is not enough. You need to completely eliminate added sugar. Unless it is from naturally occurring sugar in natural food.

Inulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes Progression.

In reality, most chronic diseases are caused by a condition called insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is one of the conditions that can cause uncontrolled blood sugar. Insulin resistance occurs when the insulin hormone is always high (due to diet) and gradually becomes resistant. That is why we start to develop Type 2 Diabetes. If we continue to add sugar, even a little bit, especially since most food products contain added sugar, insulin will become increasingly resistant. This is why Type 2 Diabetes becomes a “progressive chronic disease.” At the same time, blood sugar levels will rise again, even if medication has been started, and medication will need to be increased until some patients resort to insulin injections.

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Therefore, if we reverse this condition, we can probably reverse Type 2 Diabetes. When there is no resistance, blood sugar levels will become normal without depending on medication.

If you want to know your body’s insulin level status, you can do a fasting blood insulin test here.

Let me help you reverse insulin resistance.


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